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NameArnab Chakraborty
SubjectInterested in a partnership/ collaboration – “University Walks”- San Francisco
MessageDear Sir/Ma’am,

Very good morning. I am Arnab from (a company in the travel and tourism industry). We are introducing a product for the Asia Pacific market where students and parents from these regions get a live virtual guided tour of the college area in the USA. The name of our program is “University Walks”

I was interested to collaborate with you to help us with this by covering for the universities in and around San Francisco. These tours are different from the ones provided by the campus tour guides in the sense that the customer wants to listen to someone about the culture of the place and the lifestyle there as well apart from a background and history of the university and some unique experiences. Hence, I am looking to work with a tour guide in this location.

Please let me know if you would be interested to help us with your service and we can discuss the content/ delivery and take this further to be a grand success.

Kind regards,
Arnab Chakraborty
Product Manager

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